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Are you living on a Hamster wheel?  Feel like you work 18 hours a day and NEVER get anything accomplished?  And even when you do you don't feel like you have done  enough?  I know the feeling!  After making the hamster wheel my permanent home for way too long, I actually got sick.  Really sick.  So finding a better way was my ONLY option.  If you need to make a change and get more results out of your day that you can be proud of then take this Productivity Challenge starting today. Everything you need is inside including ME!

So what is the challenge?  You will start out making a commitment to yourself to focusFotolia_5994855_XS2 the next 30 days on changing some of your habits, maximizing your results and using your time more effectively and efficiently.  Don't worry you will not be going it alone.  I will be LIVE with you every morning and we have a community of action takers to support you and help you stay accountable!

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Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive Bold Productivity Challenge Course.

  • Six Power Packed Productivity Boosting Training Modules
  • Our Bold Enforcer Productivity Software (PC and Mac Version) with Guide
  • 30 Day Accountability Email Series (Two Focus Driven Emails Daily) .
  • Resources including Daily Miracle Morning Periscope Interaction
  • Bonuses Including Vision Boarding Guides and More
  • Monthly LIVE Training Calls
  • Face Book Accountability Private Group
  • Checklist, Worksheets and All the Tools You Need for Bold Results!

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Elite Level Fixed Pricing Just $97.00 (Includes Software!)

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I  have had over 500 people go through the original email course from the Productivity Results Workshop Program with amazing feedback and many went back to do the series over multiply times!
You will be the Founding Members of this new Bold Productivity Program with all the new content, software and LIVE Training that has been added!
I look forward to helping you maximize your Productivity and Profits!

To Your Greatness!
Tina, KLTcoach